Business Analysis and Market Growth - Braindeck


Business analysis is a combination of employing specialized approaches to obtain insight from data and executing tasks to determine a business’s needs—then advising adjustments and giving solutions that add value to the stakeholders. Most of the solutions may include software and digital data-based components, but they can also include organizational changes such as process improvement, policy development, and strategy planning.
Given that today’s organizations face numerous competitors and the market is always evolving, a Business Analysis has become a very valuable resource. Business analysis can assist firms in better understanding their business requirements and determining their objectives in order to achieve them.

Our team is very experienced and possesses the following skills
1. Analytical thinking and problem solving
2. Communication skills (oral and written)
3. Interpersonal and consultative skills
4. Costs benefit analysis
5. Facilitation skills
6. Detail-oriented and able to deliver at a high level of accuracy
7. Organizational skills
8. Processes modeling
9. Knowledge of business structures
10. Stakeholder analysis
11. Requirements engineering
12. Understanding of how networks, databases and other technologies work